Another mass murder. This time a Naval office with 12 dead and a number wounded. The National Rifle Association mantra is "The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

This time the good guy with the gun was the first one killed and his weapons were apparently taken and used to kill others. The plain truth is that there will be more of these events unless there is a national effort to get rid of the NRA.

The NRA's only objective is to sell more guns. They have blocked every effort to study the problem of mass shootings. They have prevented any government funding for investigators who attempt to evaluate the sociological or psychological causes of theses events.

Without data to help elucidate causes there is very little chance that effective, preventive measures could be defined and implemented.

Certainly "a good guy with a gun" does not work. In the absence of any indication of reform, the only hope of achieving progress toward a solution is to put the NRA out of business. A class-action lawsuit against the NRA brought by survivors and victims' family members of the shootings in Colorado, Connecticut, and this last one would be a place to start.

William D. Bezdek