I was one of the proud owners of the three pit bulls that were shot and killed Aug. 22 by Kern County Sheriff's deputies ("Pit bulls maul two people in Oildale, " Aug. 23).

These dogs were not running loose or attacking people at random. The man who was attacked ignored our clearly posted signs of "Guard dogs on duty," "Will bite," and "Do not enter." He entered the yard and we suspect he tried to break into our home. His son did not live there, as he claimed.

The lady who arrived after him chose to ignore the signs too and came in with a shovel. Of course these dogs viewed her as a threat too. The older female dog had given birth five days prior.

Charges should be filed against the man: breaking and entering; trespassing; and unlawful entry resulting in injury or death to an animal. This was the dogs' yard and their house, and they were doing what any animal would do.