The author of the letter about Congressman Kevin McCarthy ("How do I get a response from McCarthy? Donate?" Aug. 28) wants to hear about the experiences of others who have contacted McCarthy's office.

My husband contacted McCarthy's office when my husband's VA retirement claim had been stuck on hold for over a year. Bruce, my husband, is a Vietnam veteran and had filed a claim for compensation in early 2007. By mid 2008, Bruce had not had heard anything from the VA, and he and I were both frustrated and bewildered. We contacted McCarthy's office to see if they could help. The staff was extremely helpful. We were invited in to drop off pertinent paperwork so that they could follow up on the delay. A few weeks after our contact with McCarthy's office, Bruce received a settlement, and his monthly paychecks started being deposited into our account.

We do not donate to McCarthy's office, we do not farm 2,000 acres and we are not CEOs of a large corporation. Even so, we found McCarthy's office to be extremely approachable and competent. I am sorry the letter writer is having difficulty with the congressman's office. I understand how aggravating it can be to feel ignored and unheard.