I am a native Bakersfieldian and have lived here all my life. In my profession, I drive the streets and freeways of our city on a daily basis. I have come to the conclusion that Bakersfield is a "dirty and ugly" city due to the lack of road and landscaping maintenance, but most importantly, the litter -- everything from paper, cups, diapers, tire pieces and road kill rotting in the hot sun.

I have traveled to other cities across the country and have never seen anything that meets the likes of Bakersfield. I'm ashamed of our city. The city, county and Caltrans need to address this issue immediately by a strong, punitive littering ordinance, like a citizens hotline to report the offenders and a sentence of, at least, 100 hours community service consisting of cleaning up the mess they created.

County and state inmates should be taken out of their country clubs and placed to work cleaning our city. Some would say this is cruel and unusual punishment. Cruel, no; unusual, yes.

Just ask yourself: If you were a visitor or just driving through, would you consider moving here or even just stopping for gas or refreshments? I think not.