I phoned Rep. Kevin McCarthy's office on July 26 and told the staff person who spoke to me that I wished to leave a message for McCarthy. I told the staff person that I did not wish to see funds for the National Endowment for the Arts cut due to the importance of the arts to everybody and the need for arts in education.

I strongly emphasized that I expected to receive a reply from McCarthy giving me his stance on this issue and explaining his reasoning in taking that stance. One month has passed and I have received no reply.

This is not the first time McCarthy has failed to reply to communications from me. My wife and I live in McCarthy's district. I do not feel it is unreasonable for me to expect him to acknowledge me.

I would be very interested to know what the experience of other McCarthy constituents has been. Am I the only person whose views he ignores? Do I need to make a large donation to be represented? Do I need to farm 2,000 acres? Do I need to be the CEO of a corporation with $100 million in assets?

Obviously the qualification is not simply to be a voter in McCarthy's district.

Andrew Honig