The tragic story of the dogs killed as they were protecting their owner's home and their puppies upsets me ("Two people mauled by pit bulls in Oildale yard," Aug. 23). The people had no business in that yard. I know the officers had to respond as they did, but I hope I don't see the owner next being sued as a result of his dogs' actions defending their home. The people should have stayed off the property when they saw the three dogs. I know I would have.

To quote the article, "the injured man had arrived at the Washington Avenue address to search for his son, who had been living with the tenant. The man entered the property's backyard and was confronted by the dogs, two of which attacked him."

When I call on someone I don't enter their backyard. I knock at the front door. This sounds like there is more to the story, and the poor dogs, just doing their job, had to pay the price.