Fr. Jack Estes' opinion column in the Aug. 23 Californian ("Many paths? Teachings differ in Episcopal-Anglican schism") cites the words of three notoriously liberal bishops as "facts" about what Episcopalians believe.

These three do not speak for the church as a whole, and they have never claimed to do so. Even Bishop Schori's "prayer" was a personal composition, not church policy.

Episcopal faith is defined and governed first and foremost by the Book of Common Prayer, together with the canons and constitution of the Episcopal Church as adopted and amended from time to time by our governing body, General Convention.

Even our presiding bishop cannot unilaterally dictate our theology. Do we have some wild and woolly liberals? You bet. We also have conservative and traditional bishops like Ed Little, formerly of All Saints Bakersfield. Citing the renegades and ignoring the hundred-odd other bishops of the church is simply inaccurate.

I hope those interested in this issue will visit and look at the heading "What We Believe" and not judge us by the assumptions and accusations of those who choose to berate us. In the meantime, everyone, traditional or liberal, is welcome in the Episcopal Church, and that includes those who departed.

Fr. Bob Woods

St. Sherrian Episcopal Church