Just when I thought I couldn't be more shocked, I read Lois Henry's column ("Animal split is OK -- now solve problem," Aug. 25).

One thing jumped out at me. I read Jen Woodard's Facebook post in which she said, "We are sure City AC will 'sweep' days before to ensure that we are slam packed with stray animals that become our issue and not theirs on October 1st."

When Henry asked her why she thought the city would do such a thing, she replied: "I have to plan for the worst-case scenario and if the roles were reversed it would make sense to me to do that." This is an outrageous statement.

For a professional -- the director of county animal control -- to think like that is seriously off the chart.

I say to the board of supervisors: Woodard is an embarrassment to you, the county of Kern and the public. Are there no consequences for her behavior? Where is your leadership?

Colette Shewcraft