The California Energy Commission's preliminary assessment of the Hydrogen Energy California project has a number of surprising revelations. We were essentially told by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District that, yes, this is a dirty plant but we need the electricity. HECA and the valley air board said the factory will produce 430 megawatts and use 130 megawatts for gasification, the implication being that 300 megawatts would go onto the California grid.

What they did not say is that there will be two other components to their process: air separation and sequestration. When all three are working at a time of maximum fertilizer production, HECA will take 61.8 megawatts from the grid. At full electrical production, the most energy the factory will make available for California consumers would be 52.5 megawatts, the implication being it could be a lot less.

HECA is a huge, dirty, coal and petroleum-coke chemical factory that is trying look like a sweet, little power plant. They are using our tax money to pay for the illusion. (HECA is a federal tax stimulus project.) Our air, our water (7 million gallons a day will be used), our farm production and our health are all at risk from HECA and its coal. Every person reading this needs to tell the CEC they don't want this industrial monster in their valley. Email the California Energy Commission and tell them.

Trudy Douglass