Section 40801 of California's vehicle code prohibits officers from arresting or issuing citations in a speed trap. Since this is a violation of the vehicle code, the same as an alleged speeding ticket, what is the punishment for this violation? Why doesn't the district attorney prosecute these violations as well?

For example, I know Rosedale Highway is a speed trap because I successfully defended myself against the false allegation of speeding. The speed limit is posted artificially low. Still, every day I see people getting cited on this road. Clearly the officers are in violation, not the motorists. Seems like legalized thievery, with the courts turning a blind eye. What gives? How do we hold the officers accountable? Please don't print the usual response offered by the CHP, BPD, etc., simply reciting the vehicle code. They tried to steal $228 from me. They violate the vehicle code daily, so how do we get them to pay? Fair is fair.

Stephen Smith