Regarding the Adelante political action committee and the complaint filed by Leticia Perez's campaign ("Perez campaign files complaint over ads," July 13), I just want to add some points.

First, the Fair Political Practices Commission will not act on the complaint for at least 14 days, way past the election results.

The ads in question were not paid for by Andy Vidak's committee and were donated by people from Delano and who live in the district, so 100 percent of the donations came from the people who will vote in this election. Most of Perez's donations come from places like Sacramento.

Francisco Ramirez, who is a Democrat, did not get paid by Adelante or any money from the organizations connected to it. This is an independent PAC not connected to Vidak. It has existed as committee since the middle of the 1980s and has never been found in noncompliance.

This complaint is an attempt by the Perez campaign to get votes by attacking an association of voters who are endorsing and supporting Vidak, including veterans, small business owners and others. The Perez campaign is worried about the display ads that are endorsing Vidak.

And the Perez campaign makes charges that wouldn't be resolved for some time. They should not have to be spending millions of dollars for a safe Democratic seat and now they are whining and crying in their crisis management mistake campaign. These are diversion tactics with smoke and mirrors.

John Estrada