I am disgusted with the Democrats and the RINO Republicans when it comes to immigration because both sides want the vote of the illegals. In the 1980s, I worked as a sous chef at an upscale local restaurant and made over $13 an hour. I moved to Hawaii, where I worked for many years, and returned to Bakersfield a decade later. When I returned, I was horrified to find wages for most chefs and cooks had plummeted to below $10 an hour, and benefits were marginal at best. When I sought a position at my previous restaurant job, the chef there laughed when I asked for at least $10 an hour. He told me to go around town first and see what the wages were and then come back if I was still interested in a position that paid $8 an hour.

I found that wages had dropped to $7 at best for a professional cook or chef. The reason for this, as I saw, was the large amount of immigrant labor of questionable origins filling every job. Eventually I back went to work, but much of the day and nighttime crews were immigrant.

It is one thing to have workers in the field, but in every other industry, it's insanity. We must gain control of our borders and force employers to return to paying higher wages instead of letting so much immigrant labor into the country. It destroys the chances of citizens to earn decent wages and benefits.

Craig Carrick