I was not surprised by the not-guilty verdict of George Zimmerman. His dad is a retired judge. He was not initially arrested because the police said he had not committed a crime. I am not saying that his father did anything wrong, but I am implying that something may have happened. Then Judge Debra Nelson said they could not use the words "racial profiling," but could say "profiling." Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon Martin by the words he stated to the dispatcher. He was referring to the black males in his area. He assumed Martin was like the black males who had burglarized homes in his area. If Judge Nelson had allowed the words "racial profiling," that would have made the prosecution's case much stronger.

Some of the rulings of Judge Nelson were not forthright. For example, when she allowed the digital re-creation of what the defense thought may have happened. This was almost animated and cartoon-like. She accepted this in the closing arguments but not the trial. A typical juror assumed this must be the way it happened. The inference was more believable than what the prosecutors had stated.

Larcenia Taylor