Wanting to save the lives of the unborn is a noble goal. Sacrificing liberty to accomplish that goal is not.

Passing willfully deceitful municipal ordinances to limit access to abortions, for the sole purpose of sending a message, is dishonest and reprehensible. Bakersfield City Council members have considered one of these ordinances, drafted by a well-intentioned resident. If the personal feelings of the council members stand higher than their regard for the law, then they disregard the law.

If they mistakenly think they are following "God's law" above the law of the land, then they are failing at their own faith and prove their ignorance and arrogance.

We do not live in a theocracy. If you believe in a God, then you likely believe he judges for sin. If you think abortion is a sin because it takes the life of a child, then your opinion is valuable and understandable. If you think our government is a system for dispensing judgment for sin, you are sorely mistaken. It's not your job to stamp out sin with the legal system of governance we're all subject to. Don't fool yourself into mistaking your own arrogance for righteous indignation. Wanting to do something is understandable and noble, but not sacrificing liberty.

Liberty is more valuable than any individual life. It's more valuable than you, me or a soldier who dies protecting it. Aborted children die for liberty as well. It's upsetting. It's unfortunate, but it's true.

Seven Bates