I would like to take exception to the July 11 letter titled, "Prison isolation policy demanded hunger strike."

People that are incarcerated are there for a reason. They broke the law, and to keep society safe, they got locked up.

In addition, while locked up, if they continue to ignore the rules, they face being placed in isolation. Prisoners realize this and must be held accountable for their conduct.

To suggest that because they continue to refuse to play by the rules that it is the fault of the prison system -- that a hunger strike is in order -- is ridiculous.

For those who have made the choice to break the law, we owe them nothing more than to feed them and provide them medical care, both of which they receive from the day they go to prison.

The idea that they deserve anything more is absurd. If prisoners choose to refuse meals, so be it. California spends a fortune on taking care of prison inmates. If they choose to ignore their benefits in prison, that is on them. To suggest that the taxpayers owe them anything else than basic human care defies logic.

Steve Ramsey