He's done it again. In his Independence Day address, President Obama urged us to live up to the challenge and spirit of the founding fathers, and then mentioned a "right to worship." It's as if he hasn't read the Constitution. He would have us believe that we need to leave our religion on the church grounds. Thomas Jefferson wrote to assure the Danbury Baptists that there was a wall of separation to keep government intrusions out of religion, allowing them to practice their faith. John Adams wrote that the Constitution was inadequate unless the governed also practiced their religion by observing a moral code. Regular churchgoers hear their pastor exhort them to live out their faith. WWJD?

So, ignore this president. Don't settle for a "right to worship" when you have the right -- even the duty -- to practice your faith. Live your life according to your moral code on Sundays and weekdays. Reject those laws (like the Health and Human Services contraception mandate) that would lead you to sin. Be revolutionary if that is what is called for.

Daniel Halbur