The Californian offered readers a hotdog of a story with a bun in one hand, mustard in the other with its July 5 Our View, "IRS Scandal isn't what we thought it was." The split bun: The IRS does not tolerate organizations that misrepresent their qualifications. That's a bait and switch. Nobody's against that. The mustard stroke: Some groups with "Israel," "progressive" and "occupy" were denied, but they were much fewer in number, with much less wait time.

Where's your meat? A U.S. citizen group with "Israel" in its name claims the IRS said its was denied because the Israeli government didn't support all of our administration's policies.

President Obama's 2010 State of the Union Address lambasted the Supreme Court on nationwide TV for its Citizens United decision. That decision allowed Republican equality with numerous existing Democratic not-for-profits such as the Sierra Club.

In writing, a group of seven Democratic senators -- more individually -- urged the IRS to delay approval for the targeted groups. Could it be an election was coming?

The IRS has neither approved nor denied hundreds of application, many that have waited three years. Most of those groups received IRS letters requiring more information after they has sent hundreds, even thousands of pages answering questions such as: What do you dream about? Do you pray?

One group says it took another approach. It removed the target word, inserted "Green," and resubmitted without changing any other data. Three months later, they were approved. That's where the frankfurter is.

Ray Stamper