Another example of how we have allowed the socialistic, progressive movement to quietly creep into the system is the plight of Marvin Horne ("His grapes of wrath: Farmer ignores raisin mandate," July 9). Not until I read his story about how the government passed legislation to confiscate part of every farmer's raisin crop for a government-controlled reserve did I realize how this compares to the manner in which Mussolini governed Italy from 1922-43.

The reason why my grandparents immigrated to the United States was the poverty that eventually entailed because of confiscation of crops by the government. What a travesty that the country they fled to in early 1900s is mirroring the same socialistic ideas of government control of agricultural production that they fled from!

Horne has my support in making his story public, loud and clear. Americans should be aware of how they are allowing the government to control farming and agriculture with untold legislation. Do we really want to cut off the hand that feeds us? Namely, hard working, risk-taking farmers like Marvin Horne?

Linda Neal