I hate the Fourth of July. I hate New Year's Eve. Do you wonder why? It isn't the holiday we celebrate, but the idiots who ruin it for the rest of us. From the end of June to July 10, we have people in the county and the city who think that setting off M-80s and other illegal fireworks is so much fun.

Well, I'm here to say it is not fun. It is dangerous and foolish and downright stupid. How dare they think that the law does not apply to them? They set off illegal fireworks and send my dogs under the bed shuddering and shaking for days. Do they think it's funny that I have to go to the vet to get tranquilizers for my dogs? Do they think it's funny that for two weeks after the Fourth, dogs run amok in my neighborhood (and others'), not knowing what is going on?

Do they think it is funny to have the loudest, window-shaking illegal fireworks going on for weeks? Not just the Fourth of July but for weeks before and after?

I used to enjoy the general fireworks with my family, friends and all that goes with the Fourth of July. Now it is a chore and a sad commentary on the people who think it's fun to scare people, children and animals on this, one of our most beloved holidays. They should be so ashamed of themselves.

Terry Hogan