Hydrogen Energy California was pounced on June 28 by the California Energy Commission for significant unresolved issues in its application. HECA is the proposed power plant between Tupman and Buttonwillow that would be fueled daily by 350 trucks of coal and nearly 100 trucks of refinery waste. Being the most complex power plant ever processed by the CEC you would think HECA would be better prepared before pushing so hard for approval.

Acknowledgement with ka-doos also to the Kern County Planning Commissioners for its wisdom even before the CEC's announcement.

HECA had requested cancellation of its Williamson Act contract to take additional acres out of farmland for this project. Commissioners did not have enough information to proceed with HECA's request and continued any action until Aug 22.

I'm pleased that the CEC and the Kern County Planning Commissioners are doing their jobs well. They get it. There are too many risky questions and gaps of information in this demonstration project. These need to be resolved before proceeding.

Chris Romanini