Usually I like Brik McDill's articles, but his article of July 1 is just nonsense ("Court did its job on marriage rulings, and history proves it"). What makes him think that the Supreme Court knows more than our creator?

God's word is crystal clear that homosexuality is immoral, and God's word surpasses all understanding. The editors of The Californian no doubt agree with McDill, with all those articles and pictures in the paper lately of gay people getting married.

Also, McDill thinks that the majority of people, as he says, injures the rights of the minority. Seems that the minority has more clout than the majority of us. Take Proposition 8, for instance, where one judge from San Francisco overruled millions of voters who frowned on gay marriages in California. And let's not forget about Proposition 187, where the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco shot down millions of votes which would prevent illegal aliens from getting state benefits. Why should the citizens vote on any issue if some judges overture the will of us voters? If courts continue to champion minorities -- and it looks as if they will -- tyranny will be the end result, and our form of government will be dissolved.

Dennis Tope