The Californian continues to issue opinions that attempt to mask progressive ideology as objective consideration. In the June 27 "Our View" ("An odd course, but verdicts right on marriage law"), which discussed the Supreme Court rulings, the editorial stated: "The most clear-cut decision, even at 5-4, was the Court's rejection of DOMA ..."

Question: What makes this 5-4 ruling more "clear-cut" than any other 5-4 Supreme Court ruling? I have no doubt your editorial on a 5-4 decision in support of DOMA would have read something like, "A sharply divided Court, split along ideological lines, ruled that controversial provisions of DOMA are constitutional. The ruling, supported by the conservative wing of the Court, was a major blow to loving and committed gay and lesbian couples throughout the nation who hoped to finally have their commitments legally legitimized."

The editorial included drivel such as, "That the Court could strike down DOMA and let stand a lower court's nullification of Prop. 8, as happened Wednesday, shows just how well cloaked in the Constitution the principle of marriage equality proves to be." Really?

Fact check: The Court overturned a lower court ruling based on five justices' opinion that the private party which defended Prop. 8 had no standing. Sorry, nothing about the Constitution there. In regards to DOMA, the justices felt that the "principle of marriage equality" was so "well cloaked" in the Constitution that their ruling allowed gay marriage bans in 30-plus states to remain as law. Just rename your Opinion section what it is --"Our View: From the Left."

Jack Gonzales