I recently was shocked to see an attack ad on television from the campaign of 16th District state Senate candidate Andy Vidak. He attacks Leticia Perez, criticizing her for working as in the Public Defender's office. The ad accused of her of releasing dangerous criminals by defending them. Vidak's ad was a revolting display of ignorance. I have been both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. When I was admitted to practice, I made the same oath that Leticia Perez made -- to uphold and defend the constitutions of the state of California and the U.S. I applaud Perez for fighting to make sure the Constitution is protected. Criminal defenders are not releasing dangerous criminals. We are upholding the rights of every American to due process of law, to a fair trial and to protection from false accusations. This is part of what makes America the greatest country in the world.

I know Leticia Perez personally, and I know she believes in America. I call on The Californian to respect our democracy and to withdraw its ill-thought endorsement of Vidak. Shame on Vidak.

Kyle J. Humphrey