Great civilizations come and go, but watching one commit suicide is disgusting. This must be what American Indians felt as their civilizations were overrun by people who felt entitled. Nevermind that two wrongs don't make a right. Actions and words of Obama and Democrats show there is no advantage to U.S. citizenship -- it simply makes you a target. Besides, anyone can become a citizen by voting Democrat. Civil rights is now a catch-all phrase for anyone trying to game the taxpayers.

Entitled American minorities no longer worry about morality or rightness, but about redistribution. The political class and especially Democrats simply intimidate and control a miseducated population with disinformation.

Those who run our governments are not the best and brightest, but simply the most opportunistic, corruptible and power hungry. Our best fight wars they are not allowed to win, while our brightest are undereducated and propagandized in government schools.

A weak civilization that isn't united in its beliefs will not survive against civilizations that fanatically believe they are entitled to rule the world by force.

Mike Ladd