It's going to be a cold day in hell before I ever vote in another California election. With this Prop. 8 debacle, why should I ever take the time to vote? Especially when an old curmudgeon in a black robe in San Francisco can completely upend an election and tell the majority, "You have no rights under the California Constitution!"

How can it be fair when you have state officials like Gov. Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown and arrogant, cavalier Attorney General Kamala Harris thumb their noses at the majority and refuse to intervene on the behalf of the majority who voted to enact the rule of marriage -- one man and one woman -- so they can placate the very small gay community. Huh? This is not about gay vs. straight. This is about majority rule, which has been completely snuffed out by the Prop. 8 debacle. So any time in the future the people of California go to the polls and want change, if it does not please the governor or attorney general, they do nothing and allow the will of the majority to be completely gutted by an old man in a black robe in San Francisco who agrees with them. This is just another reason California is becoming another backwater state of the type usually found in the South. Any wonder the sane are fleeing California in droves?

Don Kurtz