Why is it so hard for people to accept that cops do not want to kill anyone? They do not even want to beat anyone to a pulp. What cops do is react to the situations that are presented to them. They answer calls. They are trained to deal with most situations but there are always unknown things that happen. A simple call can become something huge in a split second.

When an officer arrives on scene, he is dealing with just what he has been told. Someone has called the police because there's a problem the caller cannot solve.

Suggesting that the Kern County coroner would alter evidence to support the sheriff's deputies in the David Sal Silva case is sick. Law enforcement does not work that way, no matter what those who wish to smear the police say. Efforts to bring in a civilian review board will not do anything but divide and disrupt law enforcement.

Silva's death is a tragedy, but it did not begin with the officers' arrival -- it began with Silva's problems, problems that law enforcement had no knowledge of at the time of their arrival. It is lawful for officers to use their batons to subdue a person.

It is time to stop second-guessing law enforcement and start supporting them. Law enforcement is a unique profession that few understand, few would want to be a part of and few would survive.

Irene Edmonds