You just have to love Bakersfield's predictability. I prognosticated the outcome of the David Sal Silva case as soon as Superior Court Judge Charles Brehmer issued a search warrant for the witnesses' cellphones.

Now it is a done deal. The evidence has been rendered harmless, the blows were not to vital places and the sheriff's coroner has ruled the death an act of God.

In the usual Bakersfield fashion, this man died from his intentional self-flagellation with the deputies' batons. The suspect was also inconsiderate in his treatment of the deputy's K-9 -- he tried to get the dog to let go. Bad choice.

However, this story is not over. A lawsuit will be filed. The court will rule that the cellphone owners held the deputies hostage in their homes and threatened to hurt them if they left. The incident will then be investigated by an elite board made up of Sheriff Donny Youngblood's personal friends and relatives. They will rule in the usual Bakersfield fashion that Silva died from an accidentally-on-purpose cocktail of dog bites, baton blows, drug overdose, and the embarrassment of lying down on someone's lawn.

God, it is good to be the king.

Panfilo Fuentes