I'd like to say how much I appreciate Lois Henry. I can only imagine the bull she must sift through when writing her columns. She's dead on so many times.

I read H.A. Sala's May 22 op-ed, "Judge Brehmer didn't deserve tarring," which referenced the immediate aftermath of David Sal Silva's in-custody death. While I can appreciate Sala's confidence in Judge Charles Brehmer, I disagree with his denouncing Henry's comments toward the judge. Sala says Henry owes a public apology to Brehmer. On the contrary, I believe a thank you is due Henry for bringing up an important issue. That being without the warrant, we would possibly still have the recorded evidence.

If Brehmer wasn't being a good ol' boy, and signed such a broad warrant at the Sheriff's request, then he must have been duped or misinformed. That does not relieve him of the end result. Many times, the boss is only as good as those working for him.

Being of fine character, I agree Brehmer deserves an apology. How about from those that deceived him, the Sheriff's Office? Let's not come down on someone like Henry for pointing out a key factor in this.

As for the officers who killed Silva, then stole and destroyed evidence against them: They are murderers, thieves and, obviously, liars. How can we allow an agency that works for us to show our city such disrespect?

I do hope that one or more of the officers involved finds the moral fiber to see that justice is served. I feel for those good and great officers that this tragedy has tarnished.

Ed Fowler