Because of school budget constraints, the Helmet Club was formed more than 25 years ago as a nonprofit to help the Bakersfield College football program. It has always done so with utmost integrity. The chancellor of the Kern Community College District is aware of the Helmet Club's purpose and is supposed to make sure that all programs in the district follow the rules, kind of like district cops.

The KCCD board of trustees has oversight over the chancellor. Sounds like a check and balance, right? Well, it turns out that the chancellor has done a terrible job. The chancellor is completely to blame for rule violations that she knew were happening and did nothing about. Seems to me that meetings would have kept all parties -- the Helmet Club, coaches and staff -- following new and current rules. But the chancellor simply let these wonderful people unknowingly break rules on her watch.

And where is the board's oversight? The trustees simply rubber-stamp the chancellor's programs. They do a major disservice to our community. The board, for the most part, should do its job, take ultimate responsibility and spearhead an effort for a resolution of the state's punishment of BC and, equally important, fire the chancellor for all six violations. If the trustees don't do this, then they, too, should resign.

I am not affiliated with the Helmet Club, the football team's coaches or the staff. I, like the people, demand action. Don't let the chancellor's Teflon image fail us any longer.