I am tired of law enforcement officers overstepping their authority. Why did it take nine officers to deal with David Sal Silva? Why couldn't at least one officer see they were killing him? One witness stated he could hear the batons' blows from inside his house.

The reason we have so many claims against the Kern County Sheriff's Office is that they are hiring people who are coming from a society that has become so corrupt and evil that it is hard to pick the good from the bad.

I question why officers went to the witnesses' home to retrieve the cellphones that took video of the beating. I know the law is not clear for lay people regarding evidence, but I fear those deputies may have retrieved evidence to destroy it. The deputies could have waited for a court order in order to retrieve evidence.

This incident should make our community think twice about the veracity of law enforcement. I urge the victim's family to get an independent autopsy for peace of mind.

These wrongful death lawsuits are costing this county too much money. It has been reported that these lawsuits have cost Kern County $18 million thus far.

Larcenia Taylor