I am appalled by the behavior of the Bakersfield print and television media regarding the recent death of David Sal Silva. These so-called "news" entities simply want to sell newspapers and advertising. The fact is that such incidents require days and sometimes weeks to investigate before definitive answers can be announced to the public, which has the right to know if their law enforcement officers exceeded their authority. The video supplied by KERO and the accompanying reporter's narrative was without a doubt speculative rater than factual. I watched it and could not discern who was doing what. Even so, the reporter announced clear actions on the part of law enforcement in an effort to enflame the public thereby creating more opportunity to line the pockets of the television station.

The Sheriff's Department had every right to seize the cellular telephones of those persons videotaping the incident. These phones contained evidence which could either implicate or exonerate the officers involved in the altercation. As for the attorneys who are concerned that the contents of the phones could be altered or erased, the same could be said about any evidence seized by law enforcement to prove a criminal allegation. I'm sure the FBI has launched its own investigation into this matter and the possible civil rights issues thereby attached.

Logan Carter