With regard to Leticia Perez's commercial that claims schools are not teaching English to second-language learners, I would like to strongly disagree. As an educator of English learners for more than 12 years, I can assure Perez that I spend more time with my English learners than with any other group in my classroom.

She also states, in that same commercial, that she is against newly proposed education funding. I am wondering if Perez has seen a classroom in the last 10 years, because if she had, she would see 32 to 36 kids packed in a room with very few resources, most of which I paid for myself.

According to the state of California, all of these students must be taught reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, math, science, social studies, physical education, anti-bullying, etc. As an educator, I want every child in my classroom to be successful -- all of them! Therefore, I pay for the resources I need, and I stay late to meet with parents that do not speak any English, although they have been in the United States most of their lives. The problem is not the schools, Ms. Perez, and if you still don't not believe me, I invite you to spend the day in my classroom.