Too often we witness convicted murderers sentenced in an atmosphere of antiseptic civility. The sentence is read in a monotone detachment and the defendant is led out. The judge reads from a written script -- and, I suppose, in a court of law this is how it should be. The courtroom is a cold, unfeeling place. There is no real emotion but also no real sense of closure.

So I was impressed the other night to watch the news and finally see a judge tell a convicted baby killer exactly what he thought of him. Kern County Superior Court Judge John Brownlee didn't pull his punches. I was thrilled to see this guy get a tongue-lashing, probably the only one he will ever get from the system. My God, the victim was a newborn! What could this precious little thing possibly have done to deserve this? Folks, there are soulless creatures out there that try to pass themselves off as humans. We read about them every day.

In any case, it was refreshing to witness some justified emotion put back into the courtroom. Thanks, Judge Brownlee -- we need more like you.