Bakersfield hosted another successful Relay For Life this weekend, living up to the standard it established for itself a few years ago as one of the best-attended, highest-donation American Cancer Society events of its kind.

Some noticed an undercurrent of dissatisfaction, however. Are Bakersfield's contributions to the cancer-fighting cause "staying home" where they can help local people?

The idea of keeping charity dollars home to cure and/or ease the suffering of Kern County makes sense when it comes to some maladies. Not so much with funding to fight cancer. There are some fine cancer specialists in the Bakersfield medical community, but there is no Bakersfield Institute for Cancer Research. The ACS has identified cancer research labs that produce the best results and it helps fund them.

And Kern County cancer patients, like cancer patients the world over, benefit from that research. Progress is being made.

Let's not turn our backs on the broader effort. Cancer research has been revolutionized in recent years, leading to many breakthroughs. Let's keep the momentum going.