Regarding the April 23 news story "McCarthy: CDC to hold valley fever symposium": Rep. Kevin McCarthy has asked the FDA to waive an annual $628,000 FDA-required marketing fee. Waiving the fee to make a new valley fever skin test available may be a worthwhile objective.

However, the FDA has a budget. When income is not received, the agency still must carry out its mandated activities. A waived fee must be offset either within the budget or as an addition to the national debt. McCarthy does state how the fee will be offset.

This is typical of our representatives. McCarthy routinely supports spending in his district, but votes against cutting other programs, and rails against increased taxes and raising the national debt to pay for that spending.

In a larger sense, Congress should only pass a budget that is in balance. It would include spending and taxes, and importantly, an explicit increase in the national debt if required. Only then would our representatives not be able to call for more spending while dodging the tough choices of how to pay for it.