I was reading about Kern County's unemployment rate and became infuriated about the vote regarding Managed Care Systems' contract with Kern County.

The three supervisors -- Zack Scrivner, Leticia Perez and Mick Gleason -- who voted against MCS should be ashamed of themselves for selling out 40 solid local jobs (read as 40 local families) under the guise of conflict of interest.

The county counsel said there was no conflict of interest. Scrivner, Perez and Gleason are all cowards; they were willing victims to nothing more than green-eyed bullies like Californian columnist Lois Henry and Dr. Donald Cornforth. Their fellow supervisors, David Couch and Mike Maggard, have been around longer than them, and their wisdom and commitment to the working class of Kern County were evident.

If Scrivner, Perez and Gleason don't care about Kern County citizens and businesses, I have to wonder why they are even in these jobs. I hope that question doesn't have a shameful answer.