In response to the writer of the April 20 letter "SPCA's exorbitant fee," concerning high fees charged by the SPCA for dropping off her dog that is no longer convenient to keep, please allow me to explain a few things.

* The Bakersfield SPCA is a nonprofit, no-kill shelter. The Bakersfield SPCA exists because generous donors and volunteers give money and time to keep our doors open.

* Bakersfield SPCA does not receive government funding nor does it receive funding from any parent organization. (When money is sent to the ASPCA, that money supports a shelter in New York.)

* The letter writer's dog will be held safely for adoption unless it becomes aggressive or too ill to place into a forever home. The SPCA has housed dogs for as long as six years. Most public shelters offer 96 hours, at which time the dog can be euthanized. (Public shelters are overrun with dogs that have become inconvenient for people to keep. Sadly, they have to keep making space by euthanizing dogs whose "time has run out.")

* The letter writer's dog will be fed, cared for and cleaned up after by a staff of caring individuals and generous volunteers long after she has driven away from our shelter. Her $100 will be used wisely to take care of the dog that she entrusted to the Bakersfield SPCA.

Laurie Weir

President, Bakersfield SPCA