In the end, Nancy Pelosi's words were prophetic. We needed to pass Obamacare to "find out what's in it." As numerous news outlets have reported over the last few weeks, we now know just what's "in it" and what a disaster it will be for the middle class and all taxpayers.

The Affordable Care Act is turning out to be anything but. Two weeks ago, the feds acknowledged that middle-class taxpayers would probably see 30 percent increases in the cost of their insurance premiums. Individuals with single policies have previously been informed that they could see increases of 60 percent or more. Last week, the feds pushed back the mandated date until late 2014 that states have to have their exchanges running, lessening the number of choices consumers have for obtaining coverage. Every indication is that the "progressives" in our midst want to move quickly to a single-payer system. One can imagine that dealing with your health insurance in California will be much like visiting the DMV, with similar customer satisfaction results.

Looking back, it was lunacy to think that costs would be less when benefits were to increase so dramatically. We may cover more individuals, but at the lowest, most likely rate plans, the insureds will have huge, unaffordable, out-of-pocket costs. The system "Obummercare" replaced may not have been pretty, but the burdens this places on employers and individuals will stagger job growth and the economy, no matter what the politicians promised. It's time to repeal Obamacare.