I find it interesting that in the April 11 edition of The Californian, there was an advertisement supporting Managed Care Systems to continue as the third-party administrator for the Kern County health plan.

The ad's message was supported by more than 170 of the most prominent physicians in the community, who cited MCS's exemplary service to physician offices and their patients.

In the same day's edition is a Community Voices column castigating MCS and some county supervisors, written by one physician, Dr. Donald Cornforth ("Questions about conflicts, Brown Act and pay-for-play").

Cornforth, as he has done in the past, cites a "Segal report" that was written by a county consultant and never validated by any independent third party, including the county's auditor-controller.

Cornforth does more than insinuate that MCS has paid off politicians to get the contract despite the fact that an overwhelming number of his physician colleagues have attested to MCS's superior service, which probably never occurred to Cornforth as the real reason MCS was chosen.

Could it be that Cornforth's lack of transparency surrounds his being paid millions of dollars for his physician practice by San Joaquin Community Hospital, the chief antagonist MCS and Dignity hospitals?

When the score is 170-1 who really got paid off?

Hope Youngblood