Yes, we have a cat problem. My next-door neighbors feed feral cats, which then come into our patio area at night and urinate on the table. They even urinate on the windshield of our car. They broke my waterfall and numerous other potted plants. They poop all over the front and back yards. All my neighbor does is feed them dry food, no water. They have their babies in the dirt and under plants.

Don't get me wrong, I like cats, but this is too much! We had a cat for 14 years. She was spayed and taught to stay in her own yard. She stayed indoors at night. (No, she did not read the paper or wear glasses, like the cat satirically portrayed in the April 9 letter "Humans, through the eyes of a cat.") There are about 25 cats and more coming this spring. What do we do?

Janice Austin