Before she died, my grandmother, Betty Howlett Beurmann, told us we should go to Noriega's for breakfast on the day of her funeral. So, on April 5, my two cousins and I met at Noriega's at 8 a.m. We were served breakfast and were chatting about our grandmother, our family and the funeral Mass we were going to next.

The waitress sat two gentlemen next to us, and in Noriega's style, we shared conversation. We told them we were honoring our grandmother by eating at Noriega's. They joked with us about heading to Las Vegas. As we got up to leave, the two gentlemen said goodbye and let us know they had taken care of our bill in honor of our grandmother.

Thank you, gentlemen. We never learned your names, but you will be remembered for your kindness. Bakersfield is better because of you.