What is it with pretend charities and beggars camped at the front door of nearly every store now? I'm told by management of the stores there's nothing they can do and the police won't respond when they call. I'm told a store can take costly legal action to get rid of a person and then another arrives. Customers donate to these individuals and make it pay off for them.

When you give these people money, do you know for a fact the charity is real and the money goes where they claim? Or are you buying a bottle of booze? Can you be certain the person walking toward you won't harm you, and is only going to ask for a handout and leave you alone if you say no? I resent being forced either to interact or be rude and ignore the person. Sitting at a table with donation info should be allowed. Customers are free to go to the table or not as they choose. Pestering people verbally should be grounds for arrest.

The police have more critical issues than this, I understand, but recently, after nine stops in one day, I was accosted at eight! I shop less because of it and I am sure I'm not alone. Enough already.