Another divisive moment for our nation: Why is the Supreme Court even considering the case of Proposition 8 that California voters passed by the will of the people? The issue should be the Constitution and the ballot box. There has not been any same-sex marriage ruling passed by any state by the ballot box. Some state legislators took away the will of the people and became their voice because it would not pass any other way. We the people can no longer control our destiny; the courts and legislators are trying to take this right away from us.

The courts can and have ruled against the will of the people, and it might happen again this year. Look at Obamacare; last year, it was upheld by one Supreme Court justice over the will of the majority of the people. My prayers are that the will of the people returns to the forefront of the American way of life.

If any concern needs to addressed by the Supreme Court, it is: Do we the people under the Constitution have a right, through the ballot box, to form a more perfect union and control the direction that our nation should go, or have we lost the most important function of a free nation, we the people?