During the campaign for 5th District supervisor, The Californian asked the candidates what would be on their agendas for the first 100 days in office. Karen Goh gave a long and thoughtful response. Leticia Perez's slick response was simply: "Jobs. Jobs. Jobs."

Well, guess what? It turns out that's exactly what Perez had on her mind -- jobs. Well, more precisely, procuring yet another job for herself. Once again, Perez has revealed herself to be an opportunistic and ravenously ambitious butterfly.

Perez could not have been more correct when she told The Californian that her husband, Fernando Jara -- another butterfly -- is her soul mate. A Los Angeles Times article ("From student to CIA spy, and back again," published March 19 in The Californian) reported that Jara went through the following changes: He was (1) an angry gang "thug"; (2) an atheist who "hated white America"; (3) a Muslim convert; (4) a valiant secret agent -- apparently for both the FBI and the CIA; (5) an arrestee for public intoxication and resisting arrest; (6) a security guard; (7) a Christian minister; and (8) founder of Rockhill Farm, an organization that "empowers former felons, gang members, and recovering addicts" by training them in agriculture, business and community organizing on its 5-acre farm.

Of course, secret agents having to be so secret and all, you probably won't ever see any solid evidence that Jara really worked for either the CIA or the FBI. But, if you feel you have not contributed enough to these folks already, you can donate to Rockhill Farm online with PayPal or a credit card.