The gay marriage debate and the staunch opponents of it who swear to "vote against it every time" are proof positive why the Founding Fathers of this country did not create us as "democracy," where the majority rules the minority by vote. Instead they created a constitutionally limited republic, which was supposed to guarantee the equal and free liberty of an individual not subject to the oppression of a popular vote based on religious or personal bias.

The hypocrisy of many Americans knows no bounds. You have the right to be religious but it takes exactly zero precedence over the rights of those that choose not to be. You scream and complain (as do I) about President Obama and his minions attacking the liberty of the Constitution based on their personal beliefs, but have no problem with attacking that very liberty because of your own.

Republicans and Democrats, making themselves look like fools one opinion at a time -- or do we not remember one of the reasons we fought for our freedom from England in the first place?

Ian Pickett