The state of California has a huge problem with the costs and limitations of the state prison system. We are returning inmates to county jails and releasing inmates to the streets prematurely. When is this madness going to stop?

I have an idea! Seventy-one years ago, the federal government took action against good, productive, loyal people of Japanese ethnicity and put them in concentration camps in the most remote places in the country. Why can't we do this with all the convicted felons? Let's put them into Manzanar-like camps and provide them the resources, like seeds and water, to fend for themselves. We did that to loyal Americans; can't we do the same for convicted felons?

The good news is, if they learn how to provide for themselves in farm labor and animal husbandry, maybe we'll have a sufficient labor force for the farm labor industry, which might solve our undocumented laborer problem.