Brik McDill's "Framing the 2nd Amendment through Story's interpretation" (Community Voices, March 25) was both informative and thought-provoking. I wasn't aware of the internal struggle in the way we were going to govern our new country.

Regarding the Second Amendment, I believe there are three factors involved with this controversy. Americans perceive the right to own a firearm according to the Constitution, regardless of the true meaning more than 200 years ago. There are approximately 300 million firearms in the hands of Americans today. The majority of Americans do not like the government to tell them if they can or cannot defend themselves when their lives are about to come to an end by someone with a gun.

I wish all handguns were banned, but they're not. So I'm a gun owner, a Democrat and a veteran, and if the government can't guarantee my safety in this world we live in, they should give me the right to protect myself.