I have to take exception with the March 17 editorial, "Transportation sanity takes another step," which states that planners have gotten it right with the Westside Parkway and other planned freeways in Bakersfield.

A close look at the maps for the Westside Parkway -- where it terminates, what will be its primary source of traffic and its impact on Truxtun -- clearly shows that this road will not improve traffic flow into downtown Bakersfield and will actually make Truxtun worse than it is now.

The writer needs to thoroughly evaluate the maps, look at the sources of traffic, feeder roads, etc., to see just what the Westside Parkway is going to do. It is a waste of money.

I would love to have a discussion on this if anyone would like to listen rather than listening to Thomas Roads Improvement Program people or Caltrans and its self-interested explanations.