I read the March 19 letter "Bakersfield must resolve highway mess some way" with an eye toward the statements the writer has made. Bakersfield's population, as of the last census, is about 347,000 people, not including out lying areas. The statistics show a decrease in population. The "fast-growing" west suburbs are stagnant.

The current road construction across town is not for those in Bakersfield per se, but is no more than a shortcut for those who took the 99 by mistake en route to a popular destination. The solution to Bakersfield's traffic problems is not another pork-barrel highway project, as in this case, through an established area of the city. The solution is through the conscious effort of the city to improve traffic flow using existing infrastructure.

Rosedale Highway is a prime example of poor city planning at both the Highway 99 intersection and the Coffee Road-Rosedale Highway intersection.

Before we decide to bulldoze houses we should consider the use of our tax dollars to improve what we have.