I'd like to recognize the Bakersfield City Council's Community Services Committee for its recent approval of the new bicycle parking standards. As a student at CSU Bakersfield, the addition of new bike paths and lanes on my way to school has made it easier for me to commute. I also appreciate the secure bike parking on campus.

This new standard to add bicycle racks in front of buildings throughout the city will make it more convenient for people in the community to also use their bicycles for everyday transportation. This will promote a healthier form of transportation.

Also, the standards for requiring U-shaped bicycle racks promotes a more secure form of locking up bikes. There have been many occasions where cyclists have gotten their bikes stolen due to inadequate bike racks. These racks only allow riders to lock up their front wheel or frame, but not both. These new standards will require racks that will enable a two point contact, allowing the frame and wheel of the bicycle to be securely locked.